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What you’re about to discover is a promotion where selected companies and business owners can get paid to  add revenue to their bottom line.


Every non-profit organization relies on donations in order to support their cause.  Most appeal to their donor’s emotion.  Now, simply offer donors a FREE 2-Night, 3-Day Mini Vacation Getaway for Two when they contribute to your cause.   It’s a great way of thanking them for their donation without costing you one cent - especially if you solicit donations via email or telemarketing.  In fact, we will you to promote this.

Restaurants and/or Attractions:

What about offering this same promotion as a reward when someone dines at your restaurant?  You will earn passive revenue when someone signs up for the free vacation which will help pay for any ad cost.


There are thousands who go to tradeshows and conventions every year.  Simply hand out small promotional postcards at the show – one is the 2-night, 3-day offer, the other side is info about your product or service.  You will now earn passive revenue when someone signs up for the free vacation which will help pay your booth space.


Want an additional way to fill a room of attendees at no-cost to you?  Offer them a 2-night, 3-day Mini Vacation when they leave.  It’s powerful, valuable and no-cost to you. AND, your guests will NOT have to attend a timeshare presentation.  You will also earn passive revenue when someone signs up for the free vacation which will help pay your ad cost.

Val-Pak or Money Mailer Coupons:

What to stand out from your competition.  Just include a small message about the 2-night, 3-day FREE Vacation on your coupon.  You will even earn passive revenue when someone signs up for the free vacation which will help pay your ad cost.


If you're trying to generate any form of revenue, you normally have to advertise, promote or market your product or service in some fashion in order to get people to take immediate action or increase responsiveness.  Whatever it takes, it usually costs in either time or money.

For example, if you're a restaurant, you usually have to give a discount in order fill more seats.  If you're a seminar, you're having to give attendees a free meal or gift that may cost you.  If you're a non-profit, you have to produce a fundraiser or use telemarketing to appeal to your donors emotions in order ask for a donation.

What if you could offer your customer, client or donor something of significant of value for free without paying for it from your profits?  Now you can.

We can setup you up to GIVE AWAY a FREE 2-night, 3-day Mini Vacation at 22 fabulous destinations in the U.S. and Mexico (WITHOUT having to attend any timeshare presentation).

What’s the catch?

There is none.  When hotels have empty rooms, they do not make any money. However, they can still let a guest stay for free in the hopes that they will stay longer, eat in their restaurants, spend money at their in-house shops and/or casinos, and take advantage of their amenities (spa, room service, etc.).  After having had a great time, they hope that they will come back to stay with them in the future and maybe even tell a few friends. The only cost to the guest is room tax, resort fee (if any) and a $25 reservation/travel agent fee. (see for details).

What types of hotels are offered?

Our 3 Day, 2 Night Vacation Certificates offer accommodations with quality hotels such as Hyatt, Westin, and Marriott for example.  The hotels are booked in and around the main tourist areas of the destination. The offer is based on availability, so the hotel a guest may receive depends upon which hotel is available for the travel dates chosen.

It Gets Better!  We’ll Even PAY YOU To Promote Us

There is NO COST to take advantage of this promotion that will help you generate revenue for your company.  HOWEVER, this is one of the ONLY PROMOTIONS you will ever come across where we will pay you to use it.

You will earn $.50 every time some you give this promotion to simply signs up for it.  The more you give away, the more you will get back IN ADDITIONAL PASSIVE INCOME.

We know not everyone you distribute this to will take advantage of it, but from our experience, 20%-30% will.   For example, if hand out or email 30,000 people per month and 20% sign up, you will earn an additional $3,000. (30,000 x 20% = 6,000 x $.50 = $3000), not to mention the increased revenue you can generate using this promotion.

AGAIN, there is NO COST TO YOU other than the cost printing (that you can do or we can do) if you choose to hand out printed material.

How you will be able to monitor your earnings.

When we setup your account, we will send you the log-in information with a URL for your BACK OFFICE where you will be able to track your earnings 24/7.   We can pay you via PayPal, Stripe or even arrange to pay you by check if you choose each month.

To Get Started.

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